QR Code For Google My Business : How To Get More Reviews Forever

Most GMB users don’t use a QR Code For Google My Business. This could really help get you more reviews. As we already showed you in our trilogy Google My Business reviews are a great way to get more traffic to your business and rank well. QR Code makes this a whole lot easier.

Did you know Google has already produced a QR Code for your Google My Business listing?

While I was researching for another video in my Zanet Design series. The video was going to point out several free tools to help optimise GMB. This, of course, will be in a future video, if it’s not already released.

REVIEWS with QR Code
Everyone wants free reviews, but not everyone knows how to get the link to the review or listing in the first place. Google Marketing make this easier and among the free offerings is a postcard and a business card with your built-in QR Code

This QR Code is free and not only will I show you in the video how to get it, but I will show you how it works when you use a mobile camera. Not every business owner is familiar with QR codes. But even now if your shop is closed, or temporarily closed due to pandemic limitations, customers can see your QR code in the window of your shop or storefront and support you. With a quick photo, they can visit your listing and leave a review.

So let’s see what QR codes can do…https://youtu.be/LtBfDufesno

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