Optimize Google My Business & Seize More Sales

I’ve just written an article that will help you Optimize Google My Business & Seize More Sales

For the complete article and video head over to https://zanet.co.uk/optimize-google-my-business/

What is it – red dot

How does it happen?

What are local guides why do they do it?

How do local guides get involved? All is revealed at https://zanet.co.uk/optimize-google-my-business/

Rank Higher on Google My Business with this Hack

Ranking Higher on Google My Business is one thing, but getting ahead by using clever little tricks and hacks is another. Sometimes the forums produce some great suggestions, but no one can prove it works.

Today’s video looks at how images can double in size on your Google my Business knowledge panel. A hack that I had no idea it would work until I filmed it.

This interesting little hack I discovered said “If you add a GMB post with just an image and CTA button (no text), the image is twice as big and much more prominent To see the question I context on the forum https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/e9q6cs/interesting_little_hack_i_discovered_if_you_add_a/

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Tricks With Google My Business // 99 Tips and Tricks for 2021

99 Tips and Tricks For Google My Business, Google Maps and a bit of local SEO. This playlist is handpicked and made so you know how to rank higher in Google. These are the tips I use to help clients and small local businesses grow in Google ranking and gain more business from local customers.

HOW IT WORKS: Below is the firs video in a series of 12 videos one will follow the other on the special playlist to get the full 99 or click this link to take you directly to the playlist

These arent Google My Business videos just telling you, but with real-life accounts, I show you what to do and why to do it.

Any Google my business or local ranking questions just feel free to ask below and I will do my best to help.

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99 tips on 12 videos for higher 2021 google my business rankings

Beginners Guide to Integrating Google My Business with Wix

What a great combination WIX and GMB (Google My Business) combination every Wix business owner needs to understand. This will be a game changer for many small businesses looking for local enquires from Google Maps and Google search results.

So as you may know Google and Wix have announced WIX & GMB integration.So in this vidoe I’m going to help you discover if that a good thing for 200 million Wix owners

If you have a GMB, should you move to Wix? What can Wix do well now with Google? Before we find out what’s been agreed. Let’s just spend 2 minutes on what they both do.

Wix is aimed at individuals wanting to make their own small business website.

GMB is aimed at small business owners wanting to find local clients and customers. combine the two and you have a great buiness integration.

What does that imply. Should you move to Wix? Wix has been making great strides in their SEO offerings. This is giving them an even strong marketing leverage. Integrating GMB into the Wix platform solidifies Wix as a strong consideration for any business wanting to go online but without having to make significant investments hiking the steep technical learning curve. And that makes Wix a strong contender.

For finding a web designer who understands Wix and GMB in the Bournemouth area head over to My Google Web Designer Page

For now you should be optimising GMB (Google My Business) So to help you move that part of the business forward, you need to meet me on these 2 videos:

  1. Series on reviews https://youtu.be/KGPnZ0P4k6E
  2. GMB dummies https://youtu.be/eEo2IbhCtMo
Wix and Google My Business

How To Delete A Google Review Someone Else Posted in 2021

TODAY – NEW TOOL RELEASED TO MANAGE YOUR REVIEWS . GOODBYE FAKE REVIEWS The tool that we have been waiting for. From now on fake reviews can take a hike. Bad reviews can be revisited.

To Increase Google My Business Reviews you will need this https://youtu.be/KGPnZ0P4k6E and this https://support.google.com/business/workflow/9945796

Google My business has released a new tool to remove fake and reviews that violate Google guidelines. Previously, there was no real way to see the status of reviews you submitted for a takedown in an organized fashion. This tool will make it incredibly easy to manage all your business reviews and know what status they are in.


Google Tool for Deleting A Google Review https://support.google.com/business/workflow/9945796

How To Increase Google My Business Reviews – MY 7 TIPS https://youtu.be/KGPnZ0P4k6E

How To Maximise Google My Business reviews – The Easy Way https://youtu.be/qsrpscu5WoM

How To Delete A Google Review Someone Else Posted in 2021

How To Make A FREE Website On Google My Business In 2021 | Episode 9

Why does a small businesses need a website? A website is likely to be the first impression a customer will get of a business. If you don’t have a website and your competitors do, you can pretty much guarantee potential customers will go to them first.

In 2021 nearly every business has a website. But would a free website work for you? When should you upgrade? Does Google My Business free website act as a magazine, e-Commerce or lead generating website? All these and more are answered in this series of FREE Google My Business Course videos where I take a business and help it grow from scratch on Google using free tools like Google My Business. You can then follow along and also optimise your website and Google maps business listing.

You can easily make a FREE Website On Google My Business. The website is a perfect starting point for a small business and there are several tips in this video I’m going to share that will help you get enquiries quickly and easily.

free website from google

3 types of websites For this piece, we’ll cover three basic types of websites: Brochure Websites (definitely show off what you do) E-Commerce Websites (shop) Lead Generation Websites – Lead generation, the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline (booking – email form – quote – contact)

10 FREE Google My Business Tools You Need To Know

I’m going to show you 10 FREE Google business tools you must-have for 2021

Zanet Design is a web design company that has been established for over 21 years. I help small businesses grow – particularly using tools from Google. if you want to grow your business on google maps or in the search engine, the right way, then this channel is for you So to subscribe now just go to this link http://bit.ly/zanetsub

If you own a small business and want to use Google for fresh new traffic and clients then you need to watch this ENTIRE video.

I’ve a bonus of 13 tips for you here called “13 Google My Business Optimization Tips to Rank Higher” it’s viewable on https://youtu.be/AWRxBDa4jCc

These tools help are some of the tools I use to grow other businesses all are free. Any questions or tools you use then let me know by commenting down below

Timestamps for each tool:

1:30​ 1. Free video https://marketingkit.withgoogle.com/v…

3:35​ 2. Free Google My Business website https://business.google.com/

5:28​ 3. Add Google My Business reviews to your website https://elfsight.com/google-reviews-w…

9:03​ 4. Grow my store with Google https://growmystore.thinkwithgoogle.com

11:12​ 5. GMB Crush Free Audit / category list https://www.youtube.com/embed/zkiM-US…

12:41​ 6. Need for speed by testing speed with Google https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/…

14:20​ 7. Free driving directions links to your Business https://business.google.com/

17:22​ 8. Google Trends https://trends.google.com/

19:15​ 9. Free Marketing Kit From Google https://marketingkit.withgoogle.com/

20:13​ 10. Identify new potential markets https://marketfinder.thinkwithgoogle….


BONUS Tools FREE Google My Business Course 2021: Introduction to GMB | Episode 1 https://youtu.be/iQnmF4LyKCk

13 Google My Business Optimization Tips to Rank Higher in 2021 https://youtu.be/AWRxBDa4jCc

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10 FREE Google My Business Tools

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Google My Business Posts SEO For Better Rank : REVERSE ENGINEERING

Reverse engineering Google My Business Posts is part of my plan B for SEO. For an in-depth look at Google My Business Posts To Attract Customers. These tips and the GMB Crush tool will help you optimise your Google My Business categories and posts in no time.

If you could know what your top competitors are doing, you could know what to do to get ahead of them, right?
So questions like how many posts do they upload each week?
How often does the business post?
What categories do they register there listing in
When they post what are there main keywords?
How many ratings and what does this average?
All these things help them set the bar for you to beat – All that information is available but not easy to find unless you like delving into the code and URL manipulation.

Can you reverse engineer all this? Yes it could take hours but show you had to do this in seconds with a free tool According to MOZ less than 20% of businesses had an active post in the last 7 days

For an in-depth look at Google My Business Posts To Attract Customers

or https://zanet.co.uk/google-my-business-posts/ What are the SEO benefits?

What is the best length post?

How often should I post to keep my listing ranked effectively?

Where do my posts show publicly?

The other video I mention that you need if you want the Google My Business for Dummies ultimate guide

Be sure to subscribe for more web design tips: http://bit.ly/zanetsub If you use Youtube videos for your business then don’t forget to optimise them with this free tool https://www.tubebuddy.com/zanet from TubeBuddy

MAXIMISE LOCAL TRAFFIC : By Using This Google Maps For Business Tool

The challenge you have is knowing where your audience is and how to improve it.

For extra scanning credit X29RD Anyone signing up with that code will get extra scanning credit to try out the app – just visit the link in the Youtube video description on the link below

The challenge you have is knowing where your audience is and how to improve it. For extra scanning credit X29RD Anyone signing up with that code will get extra scanning credit to try out the app at https://persuaded.io/?via=zane

How can you measure your audience?

How can you measure the success of your efforts?

If you work through the step by step plan – eg posting regularly updating regularly adding images regularly, you will see improvement in your google business ranking.

#seotools #googlemybusiness #googlemaps #googleranking

You could go with your phone and stand outside 3 miles away and search for your business category….or use this cool tool with some free credit to my subscribers on here – I will give you a code a bit later in the video – free credit so you can try this awesome tool out –

Always looking for helpful tools for local SEO It gets harder but the traffic potential increase 40 fold!

Of course, there is more competition as it grows – so there is a plan that a regular step by step will help improve (That plan is linked to at the end of this video)

I wanted to share a new tool, specifically designed for local SEO. It’s a new grid scanning tool that’s very fast, tracks keywords in bulk, and also does scheduled scanning. For extra scanning credit X29RD Anyone signing up with that code will get extra scanning credit to try out the app. https://persuaded.io/?via=zane

If you want a takeaway – it’s likely you want it delivered within a few miles radius Google knows this and will understand “You the Searcher’s Intent” Most business owners forget to understand this. Google aims to answer your query as quickly and clearly as possible.

The ideal search results, from Google’s perspective, are ones that satisfy the largest proportion of searchers so that it hopefully satisfies this specific searcher.

That means that Google tends to prefer to return results based on at least these 3 areas

• Popular results, seen from click-thru signals

• Links for citations and authoritative sources eg Open Table, Just Eat, / Trip Advisor Checkatrade /etc.

• Results that relate to a user’s history or likely intent. “Searcher Intent” is why location matters.

Get More Business with Searcher Intent – Quality Leads Not Quantity Traffic https://youtu.be/OrLVEblG4WI

For the plan to improve your growth How To Plan & Improve YOUR Google My Business listing (Step By Step) https://youtu.be/PSTuJBzaZsc

 Using This Google Maps For Business Tool

GET MORE CUSTOMERS – How To Use Google My Business effectively in 2021

Google My Business will provide huge traffic if you get it right, so I thought I would run through several things that will help keep you fresh and effective with your Unlock some unused potential by jumping to the part of the video below.

  1. Add Stay connected during COVID-19
    Let customers know about any changes to your business due to COVID-19 (This gives positive signals to Google) in fact, all 3 will only be a good signal even if you updated these a few weeks ago a) Update service availability b) Update business hours c) Post your COVID-19 update
  2. New Messaging feature on desktop
    Turn on messaging on Desktop You should have this downloaded on your app and switched on already This means you can answer quotes, answer messages and reply to reviews quickly and timely (This gives positive signals to Google — implies you are effective in business) If you haven’t got it yet then make sure you installed the Google My Business app and turned on messaging, a “Request a quote” button may show on your Business Profile on Search. Customers can then use this button to request a quote from their mobile device. see https://support.google.com/business/answer/9114771
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  1. Improve your citations
    How do you know the best citation sites for your category/business country? https://whitespark.ca/best-citations-by-category/uk/
  2. Keep adding the photos
    I show insights — traffic Give back to my zanet design COMMUNITY — subscribers get some extra answers to there questions for free
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  1. Latest Poll from our community
    Has The PANDEMIC Affected Your Business In a Negative or a Positive Way?
    Is there a way to add a podcast to Google my business profile? Yes any link could be added
  3. Another question
    What is the best way to approach local SEO for a shop with 3 locations in 1 county? Three separate GMB listings or 1 listing with multiple locations? one GMB per location, because if you properly set them up, you can reach more people You’ll need to create one listing for each shop. register one business on one address, so be very careful. A goal without a plan is just a wish! Did you know…Setting small goals allows for more frequent wins.
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